How I earn 0.0017 BTC from faucet paid by less than five minutes, I earned0.
0017 BTC from faucet pay account by less than five minutes by using a simple trick.
I will show you with proof how to use the trick and earned cryptocurrency very easily.

No deposit required.

Do you know you can earn unlimited crypto currency from faucet pay?
Here I earned 0.
00175656 BTC from faucet pay account by less than five minutes.

Do you believe that?
the second of January 2021 I made a withdrawal of 0.
00175656 BTC what I earned from faucet pay.
after deducting the transaction fee I received 0.

00173656 BTC to my coin base account stay focus.
I will show you how I earned 0.

0017 BTC it is a simple trick don't skip I received my withdrawal to my coinbase account as well.Okay, then, let's get started.
To use the trick you should have sufficient balance in your faucet pay account.

You can use few faucets and earn cryptocurrency.
After you are in some you can use this trick.
Make sure you have sufficient balance in your account.
why I'm telling that you will realise it soon.

Okay, go to the multiply BTC menu and select ies we are going to use a trick advice.
Here you can see how much I earned using the dice with that trick.
simply saying you need to bet first you will lose then also you will lose but finally you will win huge amount as I won.

That is why I told you should have sufficient balance in your account for this.
Red is where I have failed green is where I have one you can see after failing few times I want a huge one.

Do you believe that now you can see after a few failures my last bet amount was 0.
00008192 BTC.
I won that.
So my winning amount was 0.
00017199 BTC.

I started with very low betting amount after a few failures just one wind brought me 54 US dollars.Wow.
To make it happen, you should have sufficient balance in your account.
It is very important.

Okay, let's see how it works.
Let's use the trick.
Now I have sufficient balance of Litecoin in my account, I am going to use Litecoin for now.
So I am going to use betting coin as Litecoin This is the betting amount you need to select that high or bad low.

This is payout rate for wins.
This is the winning chance according to the payout rate.
This is the betting amount This is the profit for win.
Since I have enough light coin balance in my account, I will change their betting amount to something higher.
You can bet something minimum now you can see my betting amount is 0.

0005 LTC but when profit is 0.
0004 or five LTC winning amount is lesser than the betting amount, it useless.
Actually it is a loss.
So I change few things.
Watch carefully.

I am going to change payout rate.
Now watch the different
Once you increase your payout rate, your winning chance will be reduced.

Once you've reduced your winning chance you will receive a higher profit.
That is the theory.
Okay, now let's check the theory with a minimum betting amount and identify the changing point.

This is the changing point payout rate 3.
09951 is the changing point, then the winning chances 30.
65 even the minimum betting amount you will receive double prize for your win.
So now we identified the changing point.

Now I want to change my betting amount a little higher since I have enough LTC balance in my account.
Okay, all done.
Let's do it.
We made all required changes.
Now what you need to do is when you lost double your bet amount render the losses and wider the winds when you lost double your bet amount.

When you want change your bet amount again what you used as the first bet.
Since I one I am using the same bet amount what I use for my first bet.
Since I failed I am making the bet amount double
after a few failures, one when making a higher profit since we make all the required changes that time I won.

So I make the bet amount again to what I used for the first batting amount.
Use the same process for a few minutes.
Don't use it all the time.
Use it just few minutes for a day.

Otherwise you will lose all of your money.
I will make my bed amount a little higher more.
When you lose double your bet amount.
So check the betting history.
Now you can realise even more failures one win make the higher and higher profit

So guys use that trick only for a few minutes for a day.
Don't use it always.

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